The purpose of the “Knowledge is Power, Age ain't Matter” project is to provide more opportunities for people aged 50+, making them more active and counteracting social and digital exclusion by developing and disseminating know-how on how to commence and conduct non-vocational education at higher education institutions within the framework of the Academic  University of the Third Age.

Five universities from different parts of Europe take part in the project: from Poland – the Poznan School of Banking, from Turkey – Kütahya Dumlupinar University, from the United Kingdom – University of Northampton, Italy – University of Salerno, Spain – University of Vigo. The participation of and experience exchange among partners representing public and private universities, specializing in different disciplines from economics to technical, to medical, to pedagogical, and with different experience in the tuition of people aged 50+, coming from different countries diversified in terms of territory, culture and religion, and at different economic and social levels shall ensure that the solutions and outcomes of the project will be international in nature and applicable in practice.

This project is a response to issues identified during reviews and research held and conducted by all project partners, and specifically:

  • low level of activity or participation in non-vocational education by people aged 50+, in particular males. Reason: lack of a non-vocational training offer suited to their needs and interests, and lack of motivation due to insufficient awareness of people aged 50+ about the benefits from lifelong learning (LLL)
  • low level of digital competencies- ICT, and lack of motivation to use them resulting in social and digital exclusion of people aged 50+
  • missing know-how at many higher education institutions related to the use of the potential they have: educational, organizational and infrastructural to drive and conduct non-vocational lifelong learning for people aged 50+
  • lack of competencies among academics to prepare and conduct non-vocational courses adapted to the needs and learning capabilities of people aged 50+

To help counteract and address the presented problems the following actions were planned in the project which shall translate into results and outcomes.


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Last Update Date: 24 January 2022, Monday