Integrate2EU (Developing Innovative Approaches for the Social Integration of Female Migrants) project aims to improve the social inclusion of immigrant women through the development and improvement of their competences (social, cultural, values, organizational, educational, etc.).

Migration is a phenomenon that is part of the actuality of Europe. The European Commission has adopted an Action Plan on 2016 that includes actions about education, language training, teacher training, civic education, employment, vocational training and also actions to promote early integration into the labour market and migrants entrepreneurship.

There is still a lack of policy focus when it comes to the integration of migrant women. Although adult schools play an important role to acquire basic and professional skills, the rate of participation in the courses is limited for immigrant women as the current education structure does not specifically focus on needs of immigrants.

Integrate2EU project will design a Digital Tools for Social and Occupational Integration of Female Migrants and an Alternate Intercultural Communication Guidebook for Trainers who Teach Migrants.

For further information, please visit the official project website.

Last Update Date: 28 January 2022, Friday