It is not always easy to study abroad and get used to the new environment, especially when cultural and other differences between your country and Turkey as well as language barrier are significant. For this reason, we have launched Mentors’ programme to help foreign exchange students to adapt in the new environment.

Mentors are Turkish voluntary students and your buddies to help you. They also experienced the Erasmus+ adventure and have faced the difficulties or differences you may face. All incoming exchange students have personal mentors who can answer your questions about the lifestyle, entertainments and places to visit in Turkey. They will help you about:

  • meeting you at any International Airport, Bus or Train stations,

  • finding accommodation,

  • arranging documents for Migration Office,

  • applying for LSP (Turkish student ID),

  • opening a bank account,

  • solving health problems and so on.

Students’ Representative Body also organizes various entertainment events for all students and some special events for foreign students such as parties and trips to neighboring cities.

All of this is to make you feel more comfortable in Turkey and return your country with unforgottable memories about Erasmus+ mobility at Dumlupınar University. Don't be nervous, your mentor is already been assigned!

Last Update Date: 11 February 2018, Sunday